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This is a game made for Game Maker's Toolkit Jam.
Mr. Spark is trapped in a basement where creatures from the shadows try to attack him. Mr. Spark can shoot his energy at enemies to defend himself, but his energy is his life!
In the dark, Mr. Spark takes damage, so stay in the light of the lamps. Mr. Spark can shoot a light bulb to light it, but that also spends energy.
When a lamp goes out, follow the wire in the direction of an arrow to find another lamp.

W / A / S / D or Keyboard Arrows   ==> Move Mr. Spark
Mouse                                                             ==> Aim and shoot / charge bulb

Game made in Unity, from the Survival Shooter tutorial.

It's still a prototype. Have a good time!

Assets by Gabriel de Souza and Unity Technologies

Published Jul 17, 2017

Install instructions

Unzip the file and start the executable.


MrSpark.rar 32 MB

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